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Tel: 781-724-1573



287 Silver St. 

Hanover, MA 02339

When I first receive an inquiry for a photo session, the first thing I do is a happy dance, then respond to understand the needs of my potential client. Within a few minutes, we have narrowed down a date and location. If you, the client, need any location suggestions, I am happy to help! If you have suggestions of your own, I am all in! I love an adventure and shooting in new places.


The night before your photo session I prepare my equipment by clearing the memory cards in my cameras, cleaning the lenses and charging my batteries. The next day, on my way to meet you, I am praying for you. My prayer is that you are relaxed and joyful on your special day and I thank God in advance for the beautiful images I will deliver to you - before we even take one single picture! If we are meeting at a place I have not been to before, I get there at least an hour early (if not the day before) to find the best lighting in the area with a non-distracting background.


When we finally meet, I feel that I already know you! You have been on my mind since we first engaged. I greet you warmly and talk out any nerves you may be feeling. I will put you at ease!! You will not have to wonder where to stand, how to pose or the dreaded - where to put your hands!! You will be guided every. step. of. the. way!


At the end of the session we part ways. Sadly, all good things must come to an end. Just as I prayed before we met, I thank God again for you and sending lots of love your way! When I get home, your images come off my cameras and onto my computer and back up drives. It won't feel like I am taking literally hundreds of pictures when we meet, but I do! Culling through the images takes the most time and I like to send over a few sneak peaks within a couple of days to hold you over until the editing process is done, which is about two weeks. I will then send you a link with edited images for you to keep forever! You can download them (which I strongly encourage), post them (and please tag me!), print them or take out a billboard to share your love with the entire world!

Thanks for submitting!

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